3rd International Workshop on Games and Software Engineering (GAS 2013)
Here is the program for the workshop (there might come changes): 

Welcome and Keynote
Session chair: Kendra Cooper, The University of Texas at Dallas/University of Calgary
Welcome, Kendra Cooper, The University of Texas as Dallas/University of Calgary
Keynote by Dan Russell, Google Inc.
Understanding User Behavior at Three Scales
How people behave is really the central question for data analytics. The way people play, the ways they interact, the kinds of behaviors they bring to the game ultimately drive how our systems perform, and what we can understand about why they do what they do. In this talk I’ll describe three different scales of collecting data about user behavior, showing how looking at behavior data at the micro-, meso-, and macro-levels is a superb way to understand what people are doing in our systems, and why. Knowing this lets you not just understand what’s going on, but also how to improve the user experience for the next design cycle.
10:30am-11:00am Break
Session: Software Engineering for Game Development
Session chair: Letizia Jaccheri, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
11:00am-11:05am Introduction, Letizia Jaccheri, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
11:05am-11:25am A DSL for describing the artificial intelligence in real-time video games, 
Johan Jeuring, Utrecht University
11:25am-11:45am Applying Software Product Lines to Multiplatform Video Games, Emad Albassam, George Mason University
11:45am-12:05pm Comparative API Complexity Analysis of Two Platforms for Networked Multiplayer Games using A Reference Game, Toni Alatalo, University of Oulu
12:05pm-12:25pm Towards Model Checking of Computer Games with Java PathFinder, Nastaran Shafiei, York University
Session: Serious Games and Games for Software Engineering
Session chair: Johan Jeuring, Utrecht University 
02:00pm-02:05pm Introduction, Johan Jeuring
02:05pm-02:25pm Game Design as a Game, Rob Thompson, University of Washington
02:25pm-02:45pm User Requirements for Gamifying Sports Software, Letizia Jaccheri, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
02:45pm-03:05pm Educational Software Engineering: Where Software Engineering, Education, and Gaming Meet, Tao Xie, North Carolina State University
03:05pm-03:25pm Artificial Intelligence Programming Contests Related to Game Software with Improvement of Existing Design Patterns using Scala, Kazunori Sakamoto, National Institute of Informatics
03:25pm-03:45pm Distributed DeepThought: Synchronising complex network multi-player games in a scalable and flexible manner, Karsten Pedersen, Bournemouth University/4T2
04:00pm-04:30pm Break
Session: Panel and Demonstrations
04:30pm-04:35pm Introduction, Walt Scacchi
Open Discussion Panel
Topic: The Future of Games and Software Engineering
Panel Co-Chairs: Kendra Cooper and Walt Scacchi
Session chair: Rob Thompson, University of Washington