Keynote Speaker: Dan Russell, Google Inc.

Title: Understanding User Behavior at Three Scales
How people behave is really the central question for data analytics. The way people play, the ways they interact, the kinds of behaviors they bring to the game ultimately drive how our systems perform, and what we can understand about why they do what they do. In this talk I’ll describe three different scales of collecting data about user behavior, showing how looking at behavior data at the micro-, meso-, and macro-levels is a superb way to understand what people are doing in our systems, and why. Knowing this lets you not just understand what’s going on, but also how to improve the user experience for the next design cycle. 

Daniel Russell is the Űber Tech Lead for Search Quality and User Happiness in Mountain View. He earned his Ph.D. in computer science, specializing in Artificial Intelligence until he realized that magnifying human intelligence was his real passion. Twenty years ago he foreswore AI in favor of HI, and enjoys teaching, learning, running and music, preferably all in one day. His MOOCs have helped students become much more effective online searchers and have spun out two versions of the AGoogleADay game, each with several million players (and a 75% day-to-day return rate).